How did you get into food and cooking?
I grew up watching my mom cook, and my aunt owned her own restaurant. I really enjoy cooking for my family and friends and seeing their smile when they had a bite always got me excited. I think all of those experiences I had got me into cooking.

When did you know you wanted to be a chef?
I was in grade 12. I had no future plan for the University at the time. One day, a teacher in a student service asked me, "Why not try cooking?" I tried doing an apprentice program and loved it – That's when I knew.

What is your best food memory?
When I won my first food competition at Niagara College's Decadence.

Who in the food world do you most admire?
I admire Chef Gordon Ramsey. I think he's one of the smartest and most talented chefs in the world.


How do you get your inspiration?
I read a lot of books. Almost 2 cook books every 3 month to see what is popular and what people like. I also follow a lot of food blogs on Instagram and Facebook.

What concepts are you bringing to Entice with the menu selections?
I always tell my customers that they will never see the same style of food in another restaurant.

Fave dish off our menu right now?
My favourite fish is the mushroom tart. A lot of thought and hard work went into creating this dish.


Best cooking tip you could give someone [new] in the kitchen?
Cook for family. It gives a chef/cook a lot of freedom and time. Family will be the ones who enjoy the food the most as well as give the best criticism; For me that's the best tip I can share :)

Fave ingredient in the kitchen right now?
Butter. Butter makes everything taste better.

Beer or wine?
I'm a Corona and Guiness lover – Beer.

Sweet or savoury?
Sweet. Love CHOCOLATE!!!




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